San Francisco Art Exchange

Founded in 1983 by Theron Kabrich and Jim Hartley, San Francisco Art Exchange LLC represents many of the most important pop culture artworks created by iconic artists worldwide. Recognized as market pioneers and premier purveyors of original pop iconography, with over 100 major exhibitions, SFAE has sold such original artwork and photos from the iconic covers of Dark Side of the Moon, Abbey Road, Umma Gumma, Candy-o, Let It Bleed, Blonde on Blonde, Animals, Drama and many more.

Following their first photographic exhibition of work by Annie Leibovitz in 1989, SFAE have gone on to exhibit and sell photographs by many of the greatest entertainment and journalistic photographers of the past 50 years, including most of those whose historic works are on display at Desert Trip Photo Experience. They have been the primary dealer for art by Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood since 1987 and hosted the first photo exhibit by Pattie Boyd, the famous subject of the songs “Something” and “Layla.”

The 3,000 sq. ft. downtown SF gallery holds 3,000 pieces on-site and has hosted live performances by such greats as Brian Wilson and Graham Nash, as well as holding speaking engagements with civil rights legend, Clarence Jones, and former Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm. Recent projects include a collaboration with urban artist Shepard Fairey and the Jim Marshall Estate focused on social justice issues, as well as consulting on Ron Howard’s recent Beatles documentary, Eight Days a Week.